Embarking on my demoscene journey in 1990, I initially delved into the world of Amiga, captivated by its possibilities. However, it was the discovery of the mesmerizing aesthetics of the Commodore 64 that truly stole my heart. In recent years, my focus has shifted towards exploring the intricacies of the hi-res mode in C64—a realm where creativity thrives within the constraints of a fixed palette of 16 colors and the challenge of only two colors per 8×8 pixel block.

What truly sets the Commodore 64 platform apart is its unforgiving limitations. With a mere 64 kilobytes of memory and a palette restricted to 16 specific colors, every pixel becomes a precious commodity. It’s a canvas where every decision carries weight, demanding meticulous attention to detail and strategic placement of each colored pixel within the constraints of countless rules and regulations.

Beyond crafting standalone images, I’ve immersed myself in collaborative endeavors, joining forces with fellow enthusiasts to create mesmerizing demos. These projects marry high-level coding prowess, minimalist sound design, and graphics created under strict limitations. Demos, in essence, are like real-time multimedia art performances, executed on 40-year-old computers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with limited resources.

Throughout my illustrious demoscene journey, I’ve graced numerous demo parties and competitions with my presence, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. From Netherlands to Australia, and some places in between, I’ve earned recognition and accolades that have transcended borders and united enthusiasts from diverse corners of the world. Each competition has been a crucible of creativity and innovation, fuelling my passion and propelling me to new heights of artistic expression.

In the realm of demos, the true essence of teamwork comes to life. Through these collaborative efforts, I’ve gleaned invaluable lessons about cooperation and synergy that transcend the confines of the demoscene. What’s remarkable is how seamlessly the skills and workflows honed in these projects translate into real-world endeavors, and vice versa.

For a glimpse into the fruits of my works within the demoscene, feel free to explore the executables of my works here: https://csdb.dk/scener/?id=8065